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HR Blowers - NPL's Manufacturer Measurement Network Member

NPLs Manufacturer Measurement Network is designed to support and help businesses achieve their full potential and become more competitive in a challenging worldwide market.

Benefits of the programme include services to identify the following areas:

  • Reduce waste and the cost associated with scrap parts and lost timeNPL Logo
  • Increase verification efficiency with associated cost savings
  • Introduce latest measurement good practice to ensure efficiency and product quality 
  • Reduce product variability allowing more scope to work within tolerance bands
  • Improve product conformance and provide confidence in product quality 
  • Understand measurement system constraints and identify potential improvements
  • Upskill workforce through training 

NPL North of England Support SummaryNPLs manufacturer measurement network logo

NPL provides a wide variety of measurement and other support services including:

  • Measurement services (CMM or manual)
  • Reverse engineering
  • CMM programming
  • Bespoke training
  • Access to NPL equipment 
  • Technology evaluation
  • Problem solving
  • Consultancy
  • Research & Development

Annual artefact check

NPL uses calibrated artefacts to validate its measurement performance, providing a suitable artefact to be measured using the HR Blowers usual procedures and equipment and then analysing the data and providing feedback on the quality of the measurement process. This is designed to help HR Blowers understand how well our current product validation processes are performing and to correct any issues that may be highlighted.

Temperature survey

Temperature variations have a significant effect on the accuracy of measurements and affect the validity of the inspection process. Better temperature control can result in higher accuracy measurement and improved confidence in the product. Understanding the effect of temperature in your environment gives HR Blowers awareness of how this affects or constrains manufacturing processes. 

Access to NPL Manufacturer Measurement Network events

NPL host events aimed at keeping HR Blowers up to speed with latest measurement best practice and technology, and a platform to discuss measurement issues and opportunities. Instrument manufacturers and guest speakers will be invited to share the latest information and ideas on manufacturing.

Telephone support

HR Blowers have access to the NPL helpline for advice. 

Product Verification (PV) assessment

A PV assessment helps HR Blowers identify areas to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, raise product quality, demonstrate compliance and make the business more competitive. The process includes a visit by NPL measurement experts assessing manufacturing activities, and the output of the assessment is a report highlighting potential areas of improvement.