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Roots type blowers manufacturers and suppliers

HR Blowers UK Ltd are global leaders in Roots type positive displacement blower design, efficiency, technology and manufacture supplying to customers in every Continent. The HR (Bi-lobe) and Trinado (Tri-lobe) range of blowers offer small to very large units with capacities from 30 to 39,000 m3/hr. With unmatched quality and reliability, we supply blower units to various different industries including Industrial, agricultural, transport and water treatment applications

Our reputation as a World leading manufacturer of air blowers and Roots type blowers stems from year upon year of consistent quality service across a range of products.

Originally established in 1850 as WC Holmes, the company went from strength to strength acquiring several other businesses eventually employing over a 1000 people. In 1973 it was bought by the Peabody group becoming Peabody Holmes and then in 1990 it was sold to the Dresser Roots Corporation. In 2007 it was sold again and became HR Blowers UK Ltd.

HR Blowers UK Ltd have continued to manufacture and develop both Bi-lobe and Tri-lobe positive displacement blowers; the Tri-lobe was developed to target the water industry with its reduced noise and smoother air flow.

HR Blowers UK Ltd is not only renowned throughout the World for the quality and reliability of its product, but also superb delivery performance and very short lead times.

Our technical sales department are extremely friendly and easy to communicate with. We work closely with customers to ensure the correct size of blower/package is selected. In addition, HR Blowers UK Ltd can offer analysis of blower performance, bulk handling system performance and material characterisation.

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In Summary

HR Blowers UK Ltd can offer the following:

  • Manufacture & supply of bi-lobe and tri-lobe Roots type.
  • Manufacture & supply of complete package units.
  • Rental service of bare-shaft blowers and complete packages.
  • Energy saving / Optimisation service for blowers.
  • Energy saving / Optimisation service for systems using blowers.
  • On-site installation of blowers and blower packages.
  • On-site breakdown / site visit.
  • Repair & Service of any Roots type blower.
  • Sewage system optimisation – in conjunction with 3rd Party.
  • Pneumatic conveying system – design – manufacture – installation-optimisation.
  • All products are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2015.

HR Blowers UK Ltd prides itself on innovation and technology constantly pushing the boundaries of Science and Engineering. Working with the University of Huddersfield, HR Blowers UK has undertaken two Knowledge transfer partnerships(KTP) . The first focusing on blower performance and efficiency allowing our technical team to help the Customer with their blower selection, the second KTP is focused on bulk solid handling with the design, supply and installation of pneumatic conveying systems.

Due to expansion HR Blowers UK ltd has recently relocated the Engineering and Design facility into a purpose-built suite. HR Blowers UK has also built a test house allowing both blower performance and material & conveying characteristics to be analysed.

With our dedicated engineering and design facility, along with our new testing and development capabilities pushing the boundaries of blower performance and material conveying. We are confident we can meet any customer requirements to the highest of standards.