HR Blowers UK and Ash Conveying Systems

HR Blowers positive displacement blowers are commonly used in ash conveying systems for a variety of reasons. In this article, we will outline the uses and benefits of the roots blowers we supply in ash conveying systems, and why they are often preferred over other types of blowers and remember, we have blowers in stock now and ship worldwide!

What is an Ash Conveying System?

First, it is important to understand what ash conveying systems are used for. Ash conveying systems are used in power plants and other industrial facilities to transport ash, which is the residue left over after the combustion of coal, wood, or other fuels. The ash is typically transported from the bottom of a furnace or boiler to a storage location.

Why Use a Positive Displacement Roots Blower When Conveying Ash?

Several different types of blowers can be used in ash conveying systems, but positive displacement roots blowers are often the preferred choice due to their reliability and efficiency. Our blowers are designed to move a fixed volume of air or gas with each revolution of their impeller. This makes them ideal for conveying ash, as they can move large volumes of material with a high level of accuracy and consistency.

What Are the Benefits of Using Blowers Supplied by HR Blowers UK?

One of the main benefits of using our positive displacement blowers in ash conveying systems is their ability to handle abrasive materials. Ash can be very abrasive and can quickly wear out other types of blowers. However, the products we supply are designed to handle abrasive materials, and their internal components are made from wear-resistant materials that can withstand the abrasiveness of ash.

Another benefit of positive displacement blowers is their ability to handle high-temperature materials. Ash is often hot when it is transported from a furnace or boiler, and other types of blowers may not be able to handle these high temperatures. Positive displacement blowers, on the other hand, are designed to handle high temperatures, and their internal components are typically made from materials that can withstand heat.

Our blowers are also used in VSA (Vacuum Swing Absorption) systems for ash conveying in power plants and are used to create a vacuum inside the VSA system, which helps to absorb the unwanted gases and other impurities from the ash.

The blowers HR Blowers UK supply are also very efficient, which is another reason why they are often used in ash conveying systems. Because they move a fixed volume of air or gas with each revolution of their impeller, they can convey ash with a high level of efficiency. This results in lower operating costs and increased productivity for the ash conveying system.

In conclusion, blowers supplied by HR Blowers UK are an ideal choice for ash conveying systems due to their reliability, efficiency, ability to handle abrasive and high-temperature materials, and low operating costs.

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