Gas & ATEX Sealed Blowers

Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and other Sealed Gas Blowers

At the heart of HR Blowers product design – we pride ourselves on quality, function, efficiency and most of all safety. Our range of sealed blowers can be applied to deal with the most aggressive gases and we also provide a range of ATEX blowers suitable for the most demanding and hazardous scenarios.

HR Blowers can offer:

  • Oil free positive displacement roots blowers and vacuum pumps designed to prevent gases escaping or contamination occurring.
  • From Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Hydrogen and other sealed gases, we can advise you on the most appropriate model to deal with corrosive, flammable and toxic mediums.
  • Range of blowers and package that confirm the Equipment for Explosive Atmosheres Directive (ATEX).
  • Sealed gas blowers capable of volume flows up to 21,500 m3/per hour and up to max pressure of 1000 Max pressure mBarG.
  • Tailorable packages available.
  • Range of options i.e. range of paints and coatings, with our without pre-inlet tailored to the corrosiveness of the gas and the operating environment.

Due to the highly specialist nature of this range of gas sealed and ATEX roots blowers, we recommend you call our team of engineers to discuss your specific requirements and needs on +44 (0)1484 691858 or use our contact form and we will call you back.