HV 500 to HV 40000 Vacuum Pumps

Our reputation as a World leading manufacturer of air blowers and Roots type blowers stems from year upon year of consistent, quality service across a range of products.

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Designed to increase the capacity and capability of liquid ring vacuum pumps or sliding vane vacuum pumps, the HR Blowers UK Ltd Roots type positive displacement HV Vacuum Boosters move the raw volume found at extremely low pressures (down to 1 mBar A), so that the primary pump can provide the superior vacuum levels your system needs.

A correctly sized primary vacuum pump will be limited to achieve about 100 mBarA. This is a physical limit. Increasing the capacity of the primary vacuum pump will not change this limit. Introducing a backing pump increases the volume that a primary pump can process allowing the system to achieve a greater vacuum.

The HR Blowers UK Ltd range of Roots type high vacuum pumps offer versatility and compatibility with all types of backing pumps, as well as horizontal and vertical flow options – our high vacuum boosters are second to none.

Design Features

  • A wide range of sizes
  • Compatible with all types of backing pump
  • Ultimate pressure better than 5 x 10-3 millibars
  • Horizontal or vertical flow
  • Compact robust design
  • Flange mounted motor or vee-belt drive
  • 50Hz or 60Hz operation


  • Internally-sealed model prevents gas contamination
  • Ultimate pressures better than 1 x 10-3 millibars
  • Internal nickel plating provides high corrosion resistance
  • Oil coolers for high temperature applications
  • Inlet and outlet flange adaptors available
  • Base frame option

Choice of installation arrangements

The HV range of Vacuum Booster Pumps is very adaptable in installation. Boosters can be supplied bare shaft so that a vee-belt drive can be fitted if the application demands a very precise pumping speed. For compactness, a flange-mounted, direct-coupled electric motor can be fitted. If pipework is sufficiently rigid, this can be used to support the unit, or alternatively it can be mounted on base rails. The choice of vertical flow with pipe connections top and bottom or horizontal flow with pipe connections at the sides is available.

The range of Roots type positive displacement vacuum pumps give volume flows from 500m3 to 30,000m3 per hour, so whatever your requirements are, HR Blowers have a booster to suit them.

Volume flows from 500 to 40,000 M3/hr. View the data sheet here (PDF) for full details.

  • HV500
  • HV700
  • HV1000
  • HV2000
  • HV3000
  • HV4000
  • HV5000
  • HV11000
  • HV14000
  • HV30000
  • HV40000