Holmes Roots Type Blowers

HR 10 to HR 73 Positive Displacement Bi-Lobe Blowers, Built to last ( 127 to 37,200 M3/HR)

Our reputation as a World leading manufacturer of air blowers and Roots type blowers stems from year upon year of consistent, quality service across a range of products.

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The HR (HR80) range of bi-lobe Roots type positive displacement blowers are manufactured in seven frame sizes with capacity ranging from 127 to 37,200 m3/hr and pressures from 0 to 1000 mBarG.

The HR range is aimed predominantly at industrial, agricultural, transport and water treatment applications such as aeration, agitation, pneumatic conveying, fluidisation and blending processes.

The HR range of bi-lobe positive displacement Roots type blowers are Globally renowned for high performance, efficiency, reliability and long product life cycle.

The HR (HR80) range can be offered with a range of specialized coatings on wetted parts to suit your application for example Armaloy or Nickel.

HR 80 Roots Type Blower by HR Blowers Huddersfield

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Sizes and capacities

Model no. Volume flow m3/hr Max pressure mBarG Data Sheet
HR10, HR11, HR12, HR13 169 – 1,244 300 – 1000 Download data sheet (PDF)
HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23 356 – 1,792 300 – 1000 Download data sheet (PDF)
HR31, HR32, HR33 696 – 2,168 300 – 1000 Download data sheet (PDF)
HR41, HR42, HR43 1,842 – 3,878 300 – 1000 Download data sheet (PDF)
HR51, HR52, HR53 2,376 – 12,936 300 – 1000 Download data sheet (PDF)
HR61, HR62, HR63 7,663 – 21,500 300 – 1000 Download data sheet (PDF)
HR71, HR72, HR73 7,728 – 36,286 300 – 1000 Download data sheet (PDF)