Howden Dresser EASYAIR Factory Blower Package System

Roots EasyAir Package
HR Blowers can supply the Howden Dresser EASYAIR X2 Factory Blower Package System. This model is an improved design based upon the popular EASYAIR 8000 package. The EASYAIR X2 system provides performance engineering in a standard package. It is produced for vacuum or pressure applications, enabling simple, on-site installation.

• Overall size is smaller than the EASYAIR 8000 package and the side-to-side size accommodates more packages in a given area.
• No electric fan hook-up required as the fan is mounted on the blower shaft and driven technically resulting in superior cooling.
• Patented automatic belt tension system that optimises performance and extends belt life.
• Panel-mounted gauges (inlet filter differential, blower exhaust temperature and pressure) and external oil level view for easy monitoring.
• Up to 22dBA free field noise attenuation.

Howden Dresser Roots VJ/VJ2 Blower

VJ VJ2 Blower

Water injected, air or gas blower features Roots WHISPAIR plenum with 3-5 dBA quieter operation.
Single stage
• Vacuum to 24” Hg (810 mbar)
Two stage
• Vacuum to 27” Hg (910 mbar)
• Flows to 43200 cfm (72440 m3/hr)
• Two stage reduces power 25%

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