Blower Efficiency Improvement

Are your blowers operating at optimum efficiency?

Two thirds of industrial energy is consumed by electric motors. A typical electric motor costing a few hundred pounds will consume many tens of thousands of pounds in energy during its life time. Upgrading to a newer higher efficiency motor could in itself payback within 12 months. Couple that with a closed loop control system, which adjusts the motor voltage to match your system load, and the savings could be even higher.

This might not mean a new blower. The biggest savings may come from the motor, drive train and control systems.

A strategic partnership

Our partnership with Brook Crompton motors and Mitsubishi controls, means we have the specialist expertise and equipment to save you hard cash, often in a very short space of time. Contact us to arrange a no obligation energy survey on your blower installation and we can estimate the cost savings and payback period.

Case study

Installation: HR Blowers HR31 bi-lobe blower powered by a standard efficiency (IE1), 45 kW electric motor, running at a duty point of 37kW.

Upgrading to an IE3 premium efficiency motor
Typical capital outlay: £1,400
Annual saving in energy consumption: £1,150
Typical payback period: 1.2 years (14.4 months)

In partnership with Mitsubishi Electric and Brook Crompton, we are capable of offering further energy savings through inverter technology. Individually tailored to address the needs of your system, we can tune the system to maximise cost savings, and still provide the performance you need when you need it.

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