news materialProfessor David Mills Visit

At HR Blowers Ltd we have had the privilege of meeting two pneumatic conveying industry experts:

Professor David Mills – Professor Mills is widely recognised as one of the great leaders in pneumatic conveying research and published many book on the topic. He taught many of the people we consider to be industry experts today in his time as a University Professor. He has been vital in the design validation of our pneumatic conveying test facility and we are extremely grateful to be working with him.

Professor Vijay Agarwal – Bulk Solids Handling professor at IIT Delhi with many years of research and publications behind him is another great ambassador for pneumatic conveying research. He visited the University of Huddersfield and Pneumatic Conveying UK at the start of September 2016 to meet with our researcher Joshua Walker. It was an honour to meet him, he provided some fantastic guidance to Josh and helped to provide the answers to some important questions regarding our test rig design.

Pneumatic Conveying UK Ltd has now developed a strong working relationship with these industry experts particularly through Josh our Pneumatic Conveying system designer. Josh will be visiting Vijay at IIT Delhi in December 2016 to look at their Pneumatic Conveying research facilities which will be a fantastic learning experience to help him further develop his knowledge in the field.