HR Blowers supply Howden RAM rotary blowers which are heavy duty units designed with integral-shaft ductile iron impellers having an involute profile. This product line is designed with detachable rugged steel mounting feet which offers custom installation for either vertical or horizontal installation. Additionally, certain lines we supply incorporate ROOTS WHISPAIR technology that reduces both noise and power loss.

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Howden Dresser RAM-J Blowers

 RAM-J Blowers

Incorporates Roots WHISPAIR technology to reduce noise levels.

  • Pressure to 18 psig (1240 mbar).
  • Vacuum to 16” Hg (539 mbar).
  • Flows to 3550 cfm (6030 m3/hr).
  • Range of Roots RAM J blower frame sizes available.

Howden Dresser RAM X Tri-Lobe Blower

RAM-X Tri-lobe Blower

These blowers have a Roots WHISPAIR discharge design which when combined with tri-lobe impellers, delivers quieter operation than conventional tri-lobe blowers.

  • Flows to 5900 cfm (10030 m3/hr).
  • Vacuum to 16” Hg (539 mbar).
  • Pressures to 15 psig (1034 mbar).
  • Range of Roots RAM X blower frame sizes available.

Howden Dresser RAM-VJ Blower

RAM-VJ Blower

RAM WHISPAIR units are available with an inlet spray nozzle and seal water flow meter for water injection. This feature cools the vacuum unit to enable it to reach deeper vacuum.

  • Vacuum to 24” Hg (813 mbar).
  • Flows to 2500 cfm (4250 m3/hr).
  • Range of Roots RAM VJ blower frame sizes available.

Howden Dresser RAM-GJ Blowers

Standard gas blowers suitable for both vacuum and pressure service. Features a piston ring system between the compression & vent cavities.

  • Long life mechanical seals.
  • Range of Roots RAM GJ blower frame sizes available.

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Looking for RAM blower parts? HR Blowers can supply a range of RAM blower parts and accessories to help keep your machine operating. We also service and repair ROOTS RAM type blowers