Blower Acoustic Enclosures and Chambers

As a global manufacturer and supplier of roots type blowers and blower packages, we fully understand how to maximise and protect the working environment. Not only does HR Blowers offer a range of air inlet filter and silencers, we also now provide further protection with our high quality acoustic enclosures and chambers. Our offering provides both ventilation and noise protection for your roots blower and vacuum pump operations.

HR Blowers provides:

  • Acoustic enclosures and chambers tailored to the customers exact requirements & provide a range of variable mounting and shelving systems
  • Outer walls made of high quality UK solid steel and the inner skins made from perforated steel. We can also offer cold room or insulated builds to deal with the most extreme of temperatures.
  • We provide a range of sound absorbing insulation materials that can reduce sound reduction to less than 85 decibels.
  • Fully ventilated noise reducing solutions to keep your roots blower or vacuum pump package running at its optimal level.
  • Our range of enclosures and chambers can be designed and built around other third party manufacturers root blowers.
  • We can also provide the total solution through our customisable bespoke roots blower package offering cooling fans where required.

Want to know more about our acoustic enclosures and chambers, why not speak to our team of engineers on +44 (0)1484 691858 or use our contact form and we will call you back