HR Blowers supply the Howden Dresser range of ROOTS RCS series blower units to customers in the UK or overseas. We supply these 3rd party heavy-duty units that have integral shaft ductile iron impellers in an involute profile.

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Howden Dresser RCS 800 Series Blower

RCS 800 Blower

  • Range of Roots RCS blower frame sizes available.
  • Centre timed to allow rotation in either direction.
  • RCS series units incorporate detachable steel mounting feet to permit adaptability to either vertical or horizontal installation.
  • Piston rings reduce air leakage while lip-type oil seals prevent lubricant from entering the air chamber.
  • Pressures to 18 psig (1241 mbar)
  • Vacuums to 16” Hg (539 mbar)
  • Flows to 6300 cfm (10710 m3/hr)

Howden Dresser RCS-VJ Exhauster Series Blower

RCS-VJ Exhauster

RCS WHISPAIR units are available with an inlet spray nozzle and seal water flow meter for water injection. This feature cools the vacuum unit to enable it to reach deeper vacuum.

  • Vacuums to 24” Hg (810 mbar)
  • Flows to 4080 cfm (6930 m3/hr)
  • Range of Roots RCS VJ blower frame sizes available.

Why choose HR Blowers Holmfirth for your Howden Dresser Roots RCS requirements?

• We talk and understand the technical detail.
• Many lines in stock already.
• Quick turnaround on orders.
• Overseas shipping available outside the UK.

HR Blowers also provides a range of aftersales services to support industrial RCS type blowers.