At HR Blowers, we supply a range of third party manufactured blowers. This extensive range also includes the Howden Dresser RAS blowers and RGS type blowers too. Contact us today for your RAS or RGS blower needs.

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Howden Dresser RAS-J Blower

RAS-J Blower
Air blower that is available with splash lubrication or true pressure lubrication. Features a WHISPAIR plenum with 3-5 dBA quieter operation.

  • Pressure to 35 psig (2413 mbar).
  • Vacuum to 16” Hg (539 mbar).
  • Flows to 43200 cfm (73440 m3/hr).

Howden Dresser RAS-J/RGS-J Forty PSL Blower

RAS-J/RGS-J Forty PSL Blower

Extended flow range and efficiency with the advantage of the WHISPAIR plenum.

  • Up to 82% increase in pressure rise capacity.
  • Direct connect to 50Hz and 60Hz motors provides the largest flow range possible without gear-reducers.
  • Available with true pressure lubrication.
  • Mechanical seals are also available for your unique gas.

Howden Dresser RGS-J Blower

RGS-J Blower

Heavy-duty gas blowers designed for continuous service. The wraparound plenum and WHISPAIR jet
handles rapid backflow of gas into the blower from the discharge area.

  • Pressure to 35 psig (2413 mbar).
  • Vacuum to 16” Hg (542 mbar).
  • Flows to 43200 cfm (73440 m3/hr).

Howden Dresser RGS-J Blower Package

RGS-J Blower Package

This is a Rotary Positive Displacement Gas Compressor with Integral lubrication to supply oil to the bearings, timing gears, and mechanical face seals. The Compressor is direct driven by an electric motor. The oil system includes a motor driven auxiliary oil pump in the forefront.

Howden Dresser RGS-HVB Blower

Designed for applications to the single digit micron range when used in series with a backing pump.

  • Steel Degassing.
  • Laser Booster.
  • Altitude Chamber.

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