HR Blowers In Water Treatment

Historical Blower Arrangement


Aeration is a key process in water treatment, and at its heart the blower is required, Large volumes of are pumped through the water. this process reduces the levels of volatile organic compounds and removes dissolved gasses.

HR Blowers can supply a full range of blowers to suit the aeration process, these can be arranged in multiple setups with turndown of up to 50% this allows multiple set points to be covered. See setup and arrangement for more Information on this.

Hr Blowers size machines to their specific duties, this paired with an inverter (Variable Frequency Drive) can vastly reduce energy costs compared to existing setups. For more information on energy saving

Blower Starter panel

Dissolved Oxygen Control Box

HR Blowers can offer dissolved oxygen control boxes. The control box will regulate the blower and adjust its set point to reach the desired level of oxygen in the water.

It can be configured with multiple blowers and multiple probes connected. Averages and mapping of the oxygen levels can be placed on a HMI Screen for easy visual mapping of the oxygen levels.

Setup and Arrangement’s

Load balancing – Multiple blowers can be used in parallel this allows the setpoint to be shared, this reduces the loading of all the blowers and increases the life span of the blowers.

Blower package